Water Stealers

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What is this project?

An Interactive sci-fi adventure that combines live actors and computer-animation then puts you in control!

The concept behind “Water Stealers” is simple – choices have consequences. Depending on which team members you choose to fight the alien threat to Earth, you may or may not be successful. And while your decisions lead to other, smaller, decisions; the larger situation remains the same. In this case: the threat to Earth is real and is getting closer. The story pauses three times during playback, and the choices have escalating effects on the outcome. The first viewer choice is whether you view an oncoming attack from inside a science station, or outside on a planet we have colonized. Second viewer choice: is the only opportunity you get to see the pilots “out of uniform”. Final viewer choice is which 4-member team will go on the mission to save planet Earth!

We need your help to battle the alien threat. Are you up to the challenge?

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