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The "Water Stealers" Story

The year is 2153. Earth’s population has expanded beyond its ability to support the volume of human life. Five years ago 228 people inhabited another planet as part of project “Genesis 2”. Their new home, Orius, has been the only other planet found that can sustain life – a thin atmosphere, rich soil and water were present. This group was preparing the planet for more humans to join them, to build a new society. Plans had been going according to schedule, until now.

Aliens come to Orius and pull all of the water off of the planet, killing everything on the surface. Now they are on their way to Earth. You are presented with a plan of counter-attack that requires the use of new, single-pilot crafts; but there are only 4 ships available. You see 6 pilots being trained for the mission. You choose the mission leader’s wing pilots. Choose carefully – the world is counting on you for survival!

“Water Stealers”, was produced & written by University of Alaska Fairbanks faculty designer Kade Mendelowitz. This science fiction features live actors and computer animation in a piece of inter-tainment (interactive entertainment) where you decide the fate of humanity!